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Timing and Tarot - Part 6

Tarot and the Sixth Sense

The tarot is a tool for tapping into the sixth dimension – the sixth sense. There are several ways that the common reader can move into this realm. This paper will discussion generalities and a more specific look will be done in another paper.

General Theory

The first requirement of finding a method to reading timing is both simple and difficult. The issue is this: ask three people what their timing associations are, and you will probably receive three answers. Each method establishes an intent of how the cards will be read. It is very important to realize that one has to believe in reading timing in the tarot to do so. The tarot will go as far as the limits of your beliefs, no further, no less. If the tarot is used for psychological insight instead of divination, a quick attempt to read timing one day will only lead to muddled results. If you instead believe that that the tarot can give you clear timing information, with some training, you will get very lucid and accurate timelines.

There are many methods for reading time, and only a sampling will be given in this paper. The best way to approach them is to experiment until one ‘clicks’. Try each system with a test question, such as “how long before my next birthday.” This will give you answers you know, and you will see how the cards respond.

Having a "tool chest" of reading methods is of little use unless one does two things. The first is to choose a set of methods and to read by the majority of the time. This provides focus for readings, and thus provides a foundation for the tarot’s magic. With a list of rules established, one can read with confidence. The second thing one must do is more important. Use intuition. Know when to bend, break, or even throw the rules out the window. Those who are very intuitive seem to never adopt a set of rules. If they did, they would only end up discarding them. Those of us less talented benefit from the structure of established patterns. However, one should have a goal of reading with maximum intuition, and feeling free to disregard any pre-established methods. The Spirit, be it Goddess, Angels, Guides, or personal divinity, is fully capable of divination in a spontaneous, trusting mode. To draw an analogy, true magic does not require ritual or dogma. It only requires perfect trust and abandonment to the higher powers within/outside ourselves.

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