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Killer Dreams

I am listening to Iris Johansen's 2006 book "Killer Dreams". The experience has been frustrating and illuminating. The main character is a Sophie, a doctor and mother. Her past research is being used for evil means and her former boss wants to kill her. She turns to Matt Royd, a bad-boy wild card. Royd and Sophie, forced by circumstances to be allies, begin by hating each other and then—no surprise—fall wildly in lust and love.

OK... here is the twist. Sophie is supposed to be a strong woman who is focused on righting the wrongs of her work being misused while protecting her son. Instead of being strong, she comes across as erratic, cranky, and a whiny loon. I know many strong women in real life, and they don't act like Sophie at all. Is Johansen writing to a different type of audience than myself? Perhaps.

I also realized that there are words that push our buttons. Sophie kept saying "SHUT UP" and "GET OUT" to Royd. I cringed every time she said 'shut up'. These are not words I enjoy hearing anybody say. Are they bad or especially abusive? Probably not, but I don't react well to them. The words 'get out' were a distant second in my negative reaction. The funny thing is that I can't remember anybody saying these things to me, but I still react to them. Hmmm...


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