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Timing and the Tarot – Part 7

General Methods


Questions are often structured in the tarot through a spread, or layout. This is a symbolic pattern of positions, each with a given meaning. A card-symbol is selected for each of these positions and interpreted in relation to the assigned meaning of the position. Individual spreads lend themselves to different questions. A spread is like a map. It is a preplanned structure that the seemingly random, but synchronous events, can fall. The maps can be very defined or very rough. The more defined the spread, the more specific the answer will be. The drawback of a very specific spread is that the universe does not like to be pigeonholed. The right question and the right spread is important.

The best way to obtain a general time frame is to use a spread that contains a built-in timing device. Many traditional spreads have a timing factor built into them through a near future position in the layout. In the Celtic Cross, the sixth and tenth positions tell of the future and outcome. The reader can decide before the reading what period of time each will cover.

Card Pulling

Pull cards until you reach an ace. Having determined in advance the period represented by each card you can tell how many days, weeks and months it will be by counting the number of cards you turned over before you reached the ace.

The Minor Arcana and Seasons

A classic approach is to key the individual cards to the seasons and weeks of the year. This can be done with the court cards and pips (minor arcana). Each suite represents a season, and the cards in that suite represent a week of the seasons, with the King showing the transition of one season to another.

The Major Arcana as a Timing Device

Remove the Fool from the deck. The probable timing will run from 1-22 days, weeks, or months. Disregard the meanings of the cards and only look at the numbers.

Zodiac Interpretation of Court Cards, Minor Arcana, and Major Arcana

Many of the cards have a zodiac association, and this association can focus the question onto a particular month or even day.


Tarot and timing have ancient philosophical roots and modern scientific roots. The path to using the tarot in timing requires belief, the training on a method, and then use. Understanding through doing is the key to mastery and the key to making the magical happen and the improbable possible. Another paper will outline more specifically the methods used. Until then, believe in your magic and pursue the sixth dimension.

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