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Being Godless

The opinions expressed here are of the "as if" nature. What I have to say is based on a lifetime of impressions. I 've not taken an official poll or sought to document source material for exact quotes. Thus, I could be completely off.

It seems I am a Godless person. This title follows a linty of names including satanic, atheist, and secularist. Here is the crux of the issue as I see it. Those who seek to define me as a Godless person are using the "God" portion of name to mean the Abrahamic deity and his son. As a person who does not adhere to this religion, it is likely I am Godless. However, by no stretch of the imagination am I godless or deity-less.

Does this matter? Probably not, especially if I don't invest myself in others' definitions. The title of Godless is just another attempt to name people like myself. In the past I've seen the quasi-intellectual "you shouldn't be an atheist because..." argument posted in an occult studies discussion blog. The irony of this declaration is that the majority of the people in that blog were anything but atheists, but the person seeking to convert us to their religion assumed we were in that category. People struggle to place people in a nice both so they can begin their side of a heated discussion.

The titles of secularists and Satanists seem tired now. They've been used in the past and found to be lacking in their effort to name a diverse group of people. The former can describe most Americans, even those who go to church on Wednesdays and Sundays, an the latter is an old whipping horse for the Godfull. So, along these lines of philosophical contemplation, I asked Wulfwalker if she minded having Godless pets, Godless cookware, and Godless sheets. None of these have embraced a deity as their Lord and Savior, so hence they must be Godless. She said, "but God created pets, cookware and sheets". I said, "and he/she also created the Godless people of the world". Ah... so how could the rest of humans be truly without God when the rest of the world is a reflection of God/god/deity?

Godless Wolfdog Puppy? I think not!

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