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Fear and Loathing

I am amazed how insular people's worlds can be. I'll admit that mine is incredibly insular. After eight years, I see the entirety of the Republican Party as a giant conspiracy of EVIL. Now, surely that is not the case. The lust for power and the appeasing of a base are not evil, but their goals do run contrary to many of my firmly held beliefs. Anyway, today I saw the following excerpt in a blog responding to Obama's win:

"...because one of the things on Barack's list is to outlaw private ownership of firearm's along with..."

This was included with other wing-nut propaganda. My goodness... even if Obama did want to outlaw private ownership of firearms, there would be no national consensus to do so AND he has much bigger problems on his hands than taking away a person's private collection of guns. I would not like to live in this person's world, but then again, I don't very much like living in my world either.

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