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Snow AND Rain???

So I am driving home tonight in a drizzling rain. There were multiple cars pulled along side the highway by police patrol cars. It looked like a series of speed traps. I pulled off to my exit for Laurens. There was another patrol car and more cars. We all stopped and then I was rear ended. A gentlemen clipped my left lights, bumper and side rear panel. Fortunately the rear hatch is mostly undamaged. The accident happened right under the eyes of the city policemen who were tending to another accident. It turns out that the driver who hit me was looking at the action at the side of the road and did not brake fast enough in the rain slick conditions.

The city policeman told me that it was clearly the other person's fault. To wait for a highway patrol person would take several hours as there were accidents all over the place. We instead exchanged information and I get to deal with insurance companies, car repair businesses, and so on. Fun fun. Sigh... My car is drivable, but I don't have rear lights on the left side. I hope I can get something done soon.

The lesson... we drivers in South Carolina seem to be at a disadvantage in snow and rain. I do suspect that this is a universal condition though...

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