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Karma, Reincarnation and Tarot - Part 2

There are three “psychological” ways to gain an awareness of past lives.

1. Dreams - It is possible in dreams to get glimpses of previous lives. If you're in a dream, but with a different body, it could be one of your previous incarnations. Dreams are an interesting way to relive past life events. While dreaming, you temporarily lose touch with your worldly life. This is the time where your buried past life memories have a chance of surfacing because you're more free to experience them.

2. Hypnosis or Past Life Regression - With this method, you are put into a hypnotic state in an attempt to free past life memories and identities. Under hypnosis we are more relaxed and able to look back at our past lives; we don't have the inhibitions that normally keep us from having such memories during regular consciousness.

3. Meditation - If we are able to meditate deep and to a certain level, we can access past life memories. Again, by meditating, we lose our worldly concerns and inhibitions and are more receptive to the complete truth.
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