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Karma, Reincarnation and Tarot - Part 3

The soul can be described as the eternal energy that sustains your body and makes your body seem real. The soul contains all of the intelligence that allows your body to function. It is the only constant in your many incarnations. Your body is like a mask, hiding your true self, the soul. You really don't die. Upon leaving the physical plane, you first go through a resting period where you are in a very deep sleep. People have described this as much, much deeper than your deepest sleep while on Earth. After you have refreshed and recharged yourself, you then enter a new world where things are different than the physical plane. This world is called the astral plane. At this level, the rules are different in some big ways. There is no real concept of time on this level. In addition, you are given the power of thought projection, the power to create things from your thoughts. Also, the body needs no sleep or food. The basic theme of the astral plane is that since you've shed your physical body due to bodily death, you can learn more about your astral body. This astral body lies under your physical body when you're in the physical plane. After remaining a certain amount of time in the astral plane, most of us reincarnate back into the physical plane. We have to choose the appropriate situation and birth mother for our next incarnation. Then the cycle is complete.

Outside of the psychological ways of investigating karma, evidence of the operation of karma can be viewed in the ancient "arts of divination". The arts include but are not limited to: astrology, numerology, palmistry, and rune systems.
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