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Calling My Bluff

Yesterday I was telling a LJ friend that I thought societal influences did not affect me to a great degree. Well, this statement questioned in a dream I had last night. The dream centered around an act that another guy performed. The action was wrong and the authorities were called in to investigate. The focus of their inquiries shifted from the guy to myself? I was in the same general location as the perp and had more "anti-society" traits than the other guy. Eventually the entire investigation seemed aimed at me. I had to explain this to my mother and asked a female friend of mine to share the details of the events. She was spending time with the perp when I asked her and this raised questions in my mind regarding the influence the perp had over my friend. A meeting was scheduled. My friend did not show up and I had seemed to assume that my friend had been swayed by the persuasive perp. I found a "book on tape" that explained my dilemma to my mother and this is what I ended up sharing with her.

The highlights of this dream were:

1) My difference to others can cause difficulties with authority figures
2) The guilty but more "normal" people can be persuasive with those who could/should be my allies.
3) I am worried about how I am seen by society and how society reacts to me.

Darn dreams...

Another dance picture. There isn't a lot of action here, but I thought it was contextually very interesting.

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