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Dreams - The Interest Mirror

I had a really interesting dream recently. I was walking around a friend's house and noticed that it was really quite large. Behind the house was a series of unused machine/tool shops. The aura of abandonment caused me to wish I had my camera with me. This is not uncommon. My dreams often feature landscapes of derelict and abandoned buildings, and I often find myself wishing I had my camera to record the images.

Well, I went into the workshops to check out what was left. Spirits began to appear and I asked one of them if I could take pictures. Somehow they communicated the answer "no" through a scrap of paper with writing and a number. Suddenly the workshops were alive with activity, and I had the impression I had been transported back in time. This has happened in past dreams. The eerie thing is that people were being shown how to make coffins, and I had the impression that the years were during WWII. I walked through the connected buildings and came to a shopping area. The time shifted when I entered a store and found 1960s style "Scobby Doo" pajamas. I reflected that I could come back with money from those years, but the money would probably cost me as much as buying a replica of the pajamas now.

I left the shop and the scenery changed back to one of abandoned decay. I rushed back into the shop and saw that the merchandise was gone. I sensed something was different and this was confirmed when a person came out of the shadows and told me that I would find it very difficult to escape from the place. I had ventured far into the time-shifting buildings. It felt as if I was in a nightmare/twilight place between realities. I either then willed myself to shift dreamscapes or I just woke up. Either way, it was nice to leave the new temporal dream location.

So, I dream about taking pictures in my dreams. I also dream about cats, driving, festivals, groups, homes and schooling. These are all reoccurring "themes" in my dreams. Does anybody else have a theme that reinserts itself in dreams more often than not?

Not An Exit, Abandoned Textile Mill Warehouse - IMG_4609
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