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Different Kinds of Depression?

I am listening to the Abraham-Hicks book "The Law of Attraction" on CD. The focus of the book is on intending/creating results in your life. The feedback they suggest for when a person is in harmony with their intentions are the person's emotions. I think this is a decent enough place to start. I am of the opinion there are more refined techniques that one can move to, but you've got to start somewhere.

Here is my wondering about using emotions: Abraham-Hicks states that emotions resistive to intentions are typically the unpleasant emotions. Among these is listed depression. Now... as a person who has experienced the soul/body/life crushing affects of depression, I find it surprising to see this lumped in with the likes of "irritation". IMO, the addition of depression in with a list of (IMO!) milder emotions is an act of somebody who has not experienced depression with a capital "D". Maybe that this the difference. Abraham-Hicks is talking about a mild passing depression while my wanting (in the past) to very definitely end my life was a case of Depression. Could be... food for thought.


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