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Big Emotions - The Capitals

I've been thinking about how we perceive emotions and how we really understand the "capital" emotions. I've got experience with Depression, but not with Anger or Sadness. The latter look like anger or sadness to me because I can't relate to people who are fully in the grip of the capital emotions. So, if a helpful person says, "emotions like anger, sadness and depression are signs of disconnection from our higher selves", than they are relating from either a general mix of emotions or are not factoring in the capital letter types.

To me, the crux of the matter is that the techniques that use general emotions are applicable when a person has a capital letter emotion, but the stakes are higher and the work is much tougher. Books/material written for the general public cannot and should not focus on each capital letter of emotion. Sadly I suspect that many people have some variation of capital emotion. Does this mean general techniques are compromised? No... it just means that we are all terribly human.


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