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Dazed and Confused

I was listening to the book "Incubus Dreams" by Laurell K. Hamilton. The book is supposed to be about Anita Blake, the heroine of the story, hunting down serial killer vampires. Well, I got up to CD #7 and all I heard was relationships, energy interaction that acted like sex, and actual sex. I had to leave the story when Anita was getting it on with her primary vampire lover. Based on the previous CDs, I could only surmise that the action was going to last another CD or two.

wulfwalker is a fan of the series that includes "Incubus Dreams". She did says that the novel was written like a bad porn movie - lots of hot & heavy with very little plot. She also said that the novel was not representative of the earlier books. Apparently the later books, this one included, became a big orgy with sexual encounters with more vampires and all sorts of were-creatures.

I am struck by a weird double-standard represented by this book. This is basically a soft-porn adult novel. Guys can buy such things, but we have to go to the "adult bookstore". The Laurell K. Hamilton books can be purchased at most any place selling novels, including chains like Wal*Mart. wulfwalker tells me that the field of "paranormal romance" is getting hotter and hotter. I'm not surprised as I've known people who loved "beastly" love making with a bit of vampire biting. The authors are feeding a need, but how are these adult novels remaining in the mainstream book outlets? I don't know.


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