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Loving The Evil

I was watching Dog the Bounty Hunter tonight. The "hunt" of the day bagged a fugitive who was traveling with his wife. The spouse was very sad that her husband was being taken away. The fugitive was charged with drug related crimes (dealing, theft). Was the wife a fool for being involved with a felon? Is love truly blind and can anybody have somebody who cares for them no matter what life they lead?

I can relate to a degree. I am a practicing pagan "priest". People of other religions would consider me evil, or at the least, a pitied pawn of the ultimate evil. There are many many people who would potentially believe this, but this does not dissuade my lovely mate from being at my side. How different is my situation from those people who lead "unlawful" lifestyles either by choice or by the power of addictions? Hmmmm...

Turkey Buzzard in Flight

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