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Seeing the Big Picture

Tonight Hathor was watching the TV while wulfwalker played spades on the X360. This was odd because animals usually do not "watch" TV. We figured it was because of the fairly simplistic movements on the screen - cards moving and sparkles when cards are placed. This got me thinking about people watching the "big picture". We'd like to think that lots of details are necessary to understand what is going on. I suspect the opposite is true. Like Hathor (a super cute tortoise shell manx kitty), we humans respond easier to simple movements of objects/events. The truly complex interactions are beyond our recognitions, and any glimpses of them are disregarded because they "don't make sense". Could be. We do work off of pattern recognition, and the inability to see complex patterns removes the ability to even see these "big(ger) pictures".

What does this mean to our full(er) understanding of the world? Am I wrong in my idea and/or are then other fundamental factors in the awareness of the larger world?


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