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A New Favorite Author

I think I have a new favorite author, but I'm having a really difficult time finding one of his books. The other day I caught the first episode of "Garth Marenghi's Darkplace" . This vintage horror drama dates back to the 1980s and now has resurfaced for all fans of horror to embrace. I found out that Garth Marenghi, the writer behind Darkplace, has a series of novels that rival Dean Koontz, my current favoirte horror writer.

From the official Garth Marenghi website...

Bill Chaffe, part-time renegade and full-time cynic, discovers he was born with a third eye, surgically excavated from his skull at birth, and kept by top brass neuro-surgeons in a secret government compound. But are these visions madness or premonitions? Or a state-funded operation to breed an elite race of spies? Or both?

FACTOID: The cover design and book layout is one of the most effective in modern horror. Marenghi famously designs all the covers to his publications: 'I went for simple elegance. My name, Garth Marenghi, embossed in gloss black on a matt black cover - so it looks like the name is coming from the very pits of hell itself. And when you open the cover there's a pop-up eye on a stalk.

Cool... hopefully I'll find the book on Amazon or Abebooks... here is hoping!

*UPDATE* I found out the publisher is Beelzebooks. Maybe this will help.

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