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Karma, Reincarnation and Tarot - Part 7


The goal of tarot is to momentarily disengage the individual from the control of the mind so their soul can get a message through. Throwing a cluster of objects to produce a specific result is normally beyond the mental capabilities of most people and so this lets the soul take charge. The cards bypass the mind by having the person pick cards as directed by spirit. The tarot enables the individual to tap into their own intuitive abilities by serving as a focal point for spiritual intervention.

The symbols in the tarot are like symbolic clues we receive throughout life. Events in the world that occur seemingly at random, such as a gust of wind or a falling leaf, are symbolic guideposts of impending events. The tarot reading is simply the intentional allowing of synchronism to furnish a sign. The tarot is a navigation tool for our lives. Symbols in the framework of a tarot deck provide direction.

A “reading” of tarot symbols gives you information about the present. Since the present is a seed for the future, the reading offers a vision of a “probable” future. Once the future has been glimpsed, it can be altered to either insure or deter what is seen. The tarot gives feedback about one’s location along life’s journey. The reading shows the possibilities, giving us choice and greater control over the destiny.

The application of tarot’s “in the moment” reading ability to the karmic/reincarnation based past and future is possible if one believes that the past, present and future are all happening at the same time. The paradox of fate and karma appears. As with any metaphysical paradox, there is an answer to it, but we cannot immediately grasp it if we think in terms of our physical, time based reality.

In consultation of the tarot, one can ask anything in any way. You can ask why, what, how , when, and where about any issue, decision, or aspect of your inner or external life – past, present, and/or future. Your questions may be specific or general. The tarot can respond to whether you should, can, will, or are. Karma and reincarnation questions are as valid as any.
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