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Skeptic Thoughts

Tonight wulfwalker and I watched a recording of "History's Mysteries - Ancient Aliens" on the History Channel. From the page:
In modern times, the first UFO was reported in 1947. But many people believe that aliens have been among us for thousands of years. And for evidence, they point to certain ancient texts and monuments. Do they, in fact, tell the story of extraterrestrial contact eons ago? Join the worlds leading UFO experts including the authors of the bestselling Alien Identities and Fingerprints of the Gods for an extraordinary investigation that journeys through human history in search of evidence of alien contact. Why do so many structures, from different societies worldwide, seem to point towards the same spot in the skies? What other possible explanation is there for the frequent references to strange flying objects in ancient texts? Do some clues point to the presence of aliens among the ancients themselves? With dramatic re-creations, footage from around the world and inspired scholarship, ANCIENT ALIENS attempts to uncover the truth.
The show put forward a lot of theories. Some I gave a nod too. Others I just wonder about. I did take a skeptic view of the explanations about ancient pictures/carvings being evidence of ancient anstronaughts and other space beings. My shamanistic background asks, "why are the ancient people not given credit for seeing the world in a way that we can't connect to, and the best we can do is project space type technology onto the images in question?" There are ways of viewing the world that easily produce the "space" images. My limited shamanic experiences allow me to offer explanations. Perhaps I am projecting my own views, which I am, but I feel that the space people theories dishonor the other ways of seeing the world.

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