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A Horrible Dream

This morning I had a series of horrible dreams. An engineering contract to build home security devices out of common household devices turned into a dream that made the movie Deliverance look tame. Cannibalism, torture and desperate chases made this dream the most close to nightmares as I come. I finally escaped from the abuse and made my way to my parents house. There my mother (I think) was entertaining a guest who had a catering business offer. I knew the person was from "the bad place" and tried to warn my mom. Then two guys from the bad place appeared at the front door. They were principal players in the torture sessions. I yelled (at the top of my lungs) for them to leave. They came to the back door and I did the same. It was very emotional. I still was not completely believed about the bad place and the roles of the people in what I had experienced.

Talking about it somehow transported us there. Everything seemed OK. There was no torture or abuse. I stated that I had experienced different. I found a game guide that had a walk-through to the place (ok... this is where the dream-like quality comes in). The game guide had elements of the terror I experienced, but it was in measured doses and easily overcome by the participant. I said that the staged meetings happened all at once for me, and the outcomes where much more horrific than what the book described.

My friends wandered off to explore more. Suddenly there were yells and screams. A search of the rooms showed nothing, but something was going on. In a main "alter" room some of my affected friends appeared. It was apparent that they were under control of an evil entity. My possessed friends wanted to convert us as well. I started some energy work that transformed the evil energy in the room into a sphere that I envisioned between my hands. The transformation was not feeling complete, but I had done all I could, so I bound the energies in the sphere. The collected energy became a glass sphere. The creation of the sphere greatly weekend my possessed friends, but there was still an element of evil dwelling within them. I had to stand over each one separately and guide the remaining evil into the sphere. The sphere gave me measure of command over my possessed friends. I could command them to come out into the open even while they attempted to hide. I remember that my friends had degrees of power and innocence. For some reason I started with the "weakest" and moved up to the strongest, when my logic was telling me that I should do it the other way if I had a measured reserve of strength.

This was a REALLY unfun dream sequence. I strongly hope that I have very few like this. The torture scenes were very vivid, I was unable to escape, and became very emotional when the now innocent looking culprits appeared later in the dream. Gads.

Ruined Living Room - IMG_5770</

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