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Karma, Reincarnation and Tarot - Part 9

Tarot Spreads

Questions are often structured in the tarot through a spread, or layout. This is a symbolic pattern of positions, each with a given meaning. A card-symbol is selected for each of these positions and interpreted in relation to the assigned meaning of the position. Individual spreads lend themselves to different questions.

A spread is like a map. It is a preplanned structure that the seemingly random, but synchronous events, can fall. The maps can be very defined or very rough. An analogy is if one considers the position of Greenville SC to Atlanta GA. The “mapping” between the two can be at these possible levels:

. They exist (this is a very valid starting point!)
. They exist in this dimension
. They exist on planet Earth
. They exist in the United States
. They exist in the Southeastern part of the United States
. Greenville is north of Atlanta
. They are both located on HWY 85
. … and so on

The more defined the spread, the more specific the answer will be. The drawback of a very specific spread is that the universe does not like to be pigeonholed. The right question and the right spread is important. Spirit, however, may or may not cooperate fully with the intended “map”, and if other information is supplied, the answer will make no sense if plugged into a question with the supplied “map”.

Why will Spirit seem to not cooperate? There are a variety of ways to get a “wrong” or non-understandable answer.

  • The question is not important compared to something else going on in the querent’s life. The analogy is that the querent is asking what color shoes they are wearing while a truck bears down on them.

  • The answer seems wrong, but only because the person is just not open to hearing the reply. The querent wants to hear another answer.

  • The parameters of the question were too largely defined, and the results have many people/places/feelings/events. It becomes difficult to know what specifically the cards are saying.

  • The parameters of the question were too small, and the answer is bigger than the box provided.

  • Multiple questions were asked, and multiple answers are given. Confusion results.

  • The question has been asked many times, and Spirit is just tired of answering. Another tact is being tried by the spiritual guides/soul, and we haven’t figured it out yet.

And there are more. This is only a sampling. Practice and being open to the voice of the divine are the paths through these difficulties.
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