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Unknown Archetype

I have started reading Carolyn Myss' book, "Sacred Contracts" and expect the trip to be very interesting. Tonight I watched a few episodes of "Millionaire Matchmaker". The premise is that Patti (the matchmaker) has a company that matches like people and her clients happen to be millionaires. I am also watch "Tough Love", another reality TV show. Tough Love features Steve finding relationships for the women participating in this TV series.

The really wild thing is that I was not aware that people made careers out of matchmaking. This is a job "archetype" I was not aware of. Or was I? I try to relate things to my life when I feel disconnecting from them because I believe that we are exposed to similar patterns, different guises. I don't seek to match people with people, but I do seek to match people with data. This is my computer geek quest. Hmmm... Is it the same? At this point in my life I am wondering if I turn to kitties and computers in an effort to distance myself from people. If this is true, and it may well be, than I would have little desire to match people. Match people with ideas? This sounds terribly left brain. I wonder if I'll read about the match matching archetype in Myss' book.

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