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Trusting Dreams

This evening I was REALLY tired and lay down to take a nap. I had a really strange dream that included visiting a beach location that featured BIG waves. I wanted to take pictures with my Canon Rebel XTi camera. It took a while to get out of my hotel room to the beach, and by that time the waves had dissipated and convoy of cars were driving through the diminished surf. Why? I don't know. My camera was having problems as it changed into something dysfunctional. The scenes transformed to my being at a play/tv show taping. By the end of this my camera had turned into a film camera of some type and my hand kept getting in the way of the auto focusing lens.

Here is the rub. I believed that my camera would be OK when I returned to my hotel room. I almost believed that it would be transformed back into a digital camera, complete with the 'film' pictures that I had taken. My dream ended before this belief was put to the test, but it was interesting to feel sure that it would be OK.


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