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Sincere Liars

I think I've mentioned this before, but I find the capacity for the human animal to lie to be amazing in its breadth. There are white lies, black lies, stupid lies, lies for national security, lies of omission, lies of commission, and lies for the fun of it. There seem to be good, bad and ugly lies. The really scary thing is that lies seem to out number the truth. I pondered why. Perhaps there is no such thing of truth, and all we have are shades of gray in lying. A look to nature seems to confirm this. There are elements of lying in animal mimicry and demonstrations of aggressive behavior intended to scare off other animals. Why should people be any different? We want to protect ourselves. Embracing something called "the truth" can at times be contrary to protection. Truth requires trust, and trust seems to be in the minority when it comes to human relationships.

So this brings me to end of my thoughts. We lie to protect ourselves because we don't trust, and we don't trust because... hmmm... I wonder where this goes?

Cadbury Cat - 2009 Commercial - IMG_6133
Commercials... a wonderfully sincere way of lying (sometimes in an entertaining way...)

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