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Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to my LJ friend oceans_voice!!! She is one of the super-neat people in the world and I wish she lived closer to my neighborhood.

On a completely different topic, I would like to know if my workplace is the site of a bizarre anomaly. I listen to a lot of books-on-tape during my seventy miles of driving everyday. Some stories feature bosses who are evil-mean or just really bad/stupid. Other times there are groups/institutions/committees that have the same not-good characteristics. My question is this... are these prevalent? I work at a medium size company in which I don't see this stuff going on. There are bosses that might protect their 'fiefdoms', but on the whole everyone works together for the good of the company. The bad supervisors are quietly asked to leave the company and they are VERY much in a minority.

Am I working in the exception to the rules or am I just clueless about my workplace?


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