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Another Day

Three steps forward, one step back. Some books describe improvement as a spiral pointing in a generally up direction. There are days of backtracking, but the progression is generally forward. This is all good and well, but process feels masochistic on my part and sadistic on the part of the participating world.

There are some that say our higher selves 'plan' our lives for us. We (they) do so with a dispassionate eye towards the extremes of experience. In fact, there are some that believe we (they) choose really tough situations to "experience' life. Sigh. Now I don't know if I can believe this if only because my higher self must be quite mad. I'm probably projecting. I find the continuing flavors of personal madness to be like a distilled liquid. While I get "better", the core of the madness becomes more refined and it scares me even more.

On the business geek side of life, I am now reading "Accounting: The Basis for Business Decisions". Oh the excitement. (smile).


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