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To Teach Again

We go through phases in life. During a five year stretch in the last decade I was a paranormal/metaphysical teacher. I shared topics at pagan discussion groups and then branched out to leading classes at the local Barnes and Noble. For four years I lead an astrology discussion group. I did a tarot discussion group for three years, and a shamanic discussion group for one year. Leading the discussion group meant showing up at the Barnes and Noble once a month for each of the topics with a lesson plan prepared. I had them staggered across the weeks of the month and I believe I met on Thursdays or Tuesdays. Anyway, I learned a lot from presenting material on a pretty regular basis. I did "recycle" the class notes, but I found that reteaching the material gave it a depth on return visits.

Now I don't teach much of anything. I am instead playing out a "Mr Wizard" role in my workplace as a super geek application designer/programmer. One of my lovely LJ friends suggested that getting back into teaching would address some vibrations I have in my life now. It could. Food for thought and all. The crux of the matter is that growing older has seemed to make me either more cynical or more aware of what I don't know. It would be nice to shake this and get back into teaching. Ah... a statement made releases an intention into the world. Nice...


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