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The company I work for is undergoing a multiple year cost savings in order to increase the equity funds available to the private owners. This will probably mean letting people go as they are the fastest way to improve the hard cash bottom line. Anyway, the beginning of the manager exodus began. It rumored (yeah, it could not be true) that a 'manager's manager' left the company because he did not want to participate in the staffing reductions. This guy was a professional manager through and through. His time at our location was just one of several stepping stones to higher/better places, and it seems he took the onward way sooner instead of later.

I can see why the manager left. Most every book I've read about improving a company says that letting go of people go is not at the top of the list of things to do. Cutting people is a dangerous thing to do as it has pitfalls when not done perfectly. Anyway, this may be the beginning of some undesired leavings of key employees from the company. Sigh...

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