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A Good Example

At work I am blessed with a great boss. My core nature has a strong cynical/angry side. There are 'good' reasons for this that go all the way back to early childhood, but good reasons don't add up to the need to feed this side of myself. Anyway, the atmosphere at work seems to beg for the cynical side of myself to come out, but I resist it. Why? I am at the point in my life that I prefer to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. I am also recognizing that a cynical or begrudging attitude is toxic to aspirations I have in my life. A flash of anger or bitterness is fine to identify a boundary violation, but it is counter production to embrace beyond the immediate feedback it supplies.

Back to my boss. She is inspiring to watch as she puts forth a professional face when confronting challenges. This becomes apparent when her attitude is contrasted with others who seem to be 'grumpy' just out of habit. Their grumpiness puts forth an impression that they want to tear things down. I want to create and my boss shows how this can be done in the face of challenges. Quite a blessing...


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