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One of my quite insightful LJ friends recently said, "cynicism is broken-hearted idealism". I find this intriguing as I seem to be have been cynical much of my life AND I seem to be entering a period of tempered broken-hearted idealism. The idealism is marked by observations about the relative truthfulness of society. I am shaken by the contrast between creativity, personal desires and "the truth". I see now that idealism is another word/flavor of truth.

The whole business angle is becoming more disturbing to me. I've always thought that villains should be "honest" villains. Be evil mean nasty, but be prepared for the consequences. The business mentality seems to be about putting on the good face while performing the bad actions. The irony is that this is called "strategy" by management. In my broken-hearted idealism I wonder if the business leaders know more than anybody else, or are they just as afraid as the rest of us?


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