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A Poem

Once in a very blue moon I write some poetry. I was going through some old papers at my workplace office and I found the following poem I wrote many years ago. With some tweaking, for your consideration...
The Gated Space

The journey extends far beyond this gated space.
Seeking escape, seeking embrace.
Always the path turned back, returning to this gated space.
Asking when, asking why.

The companions met.
The beautiful seen away from this gated place.
Cannot return to them.
So much phantoms and dust remain upon entering to this gated space

What magic do these gates possess?
That they pull back, that they keep out.
Passage is freely given and no price is asked.
What became of escape? Where is the embrace?

Are these the unasked due taken?
'Given' speaks the Gated Space.

The beginning and the destination reveal the secret.
The journeys are a dream.
The companions and beauties are passing visions.
The gates possess no magic.

For I am not a space.
I am the embrace.
I journey seeking myself, outside of myself.
The mirrors in others reveal the nature of the place.

A sigh of time escaped the lips waiting the returning embrace.
It waits crouching within the guise of the Gated Space.

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