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No Spirits, No Shaman

One of my wonderful shamanist friends offered up the concept of 'No Spirits, No Shaman' in her Deviant Art blog. She considered what this concept means in the light of spirit guides and interpersonnel spiritual connections. This struck a cord in me. Though much briefer than her excellent thoughts, I record my own thoughts on the topic here for consideration.
To me, the statement "no spirits, no shaman" speaks to the true(r) relation between the shamanist and their world. The shamanist is the only person in the world. At the same time they are connected to the all of everything, including their helper spirits. Neither exists at the juxtaposition of these two apparent polarities of existence. This is the place of "no spirits, no shaman". There is true magic here. In this "no-ness", the true(r) relation acknowledges the potential of the world even while it requests a measure of honest respect and (inter)personal responsibility.

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