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Recognition of Ourselves

This year I saw an episode of Total Recall 2070. Part of this distant future are alpha androids. These androids are very nearly human. The hero android is searching for his origins as part of the plot. In the episode I saw he was examining a mind control chip. He had a recognition that the chip was based on the same technology as his own brain circuits. He admitted that he did previously know that he had a knowledge of his own circuit designs, and exposure to the chip had awakened that part of him that knew what the chips looked like. Without a reference he did not know what they were. When asked how this could be, he said that the alpha androids suffered from the same that that humans suffer from, one of illusion.

I thought this was an incredible analogy. We humans are not unlike this fictional futuristic android. Using our classical minds, we match what we perceive to what we know. Patterns are confirmed and an interpretation of what we perceive is formed. There is another element to our minds also. This is the quantum element. From this element the leaps of logic, ah-has, and intuitive insights are obtained. The quantum element is not found in a diagram. Instead it is merely experienced. The android’s recognition of the circuit, the piercing of this illusion without the benefit of a table or diagram, was a quantum moment.

Escher's 'Print Gallery' ( is an example of a "tangled hierarchy". The classical pattern recognizing mind sees a vista of images. The classical flow of the picture collapses when the observer judges the perspectives and finds that the flow is an illusion/paradox. There is a blank space in the middle of the picture. It is in this place that the possibilities of the picture simultaneously exist. It is a blank place where the quantum jump to a realization of the drawing’s incongruency takes place. This realization is one of the true perception of the drawing’s reality. In this place there are no judgments of far/near, gallery/harbor, beauty/mountain. This is the place that exists outside of the boxes, awaiting invitation of perception into whatever box the viewer may choose to use.

The challenge of both the seeking person is to expand the possibilities of your boxes to those quantum places. Life will be more fully and truly interpreted this place. As the classical options of interpretation are built with experience and the warehousing of possible views, the quantum perception leads us to a place in which there is not just one interpretation. There is more than one recognition of reality. There is a paradox here. Some observations are more true. Some observations are more false. More true and more false to what? More this and more that to a multi-world vision of reality.
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