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An Advantage to Working on Weekends

I very much enjoy one advantage to working over a weekend. I really enjoy listening to music while I work. I also watch TV while programming at home, but that's another story. Anyway, at this time I am in a cubicle across from my old Engineering Dept office. During weekdays I have to keep my music turned WAY down. I am fortunate enough to have a quality Harmon/Kardon speaker system that directs the music mostly at me. Still, I have to keep it turned down. On the weekend I can crank it up and only the occasional security patrol has to hear my rocking out. Today I am listening to the Nuclear Winter (electronic/dance, industrial, goth) station on Live365. My (more) conservative co-workers just wouldn't appreciate tunes by Nine Inch Nails and little diddles about the Anti-Christ. But heck, what could be better on a Sunday???

Windows in Abandoned Greeville SC Factory - B&W_IMG_3046

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