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Choice of Girls

I learned today about "B-Girls" on The Fashion Show. Color me clueless, but I had to go on Google what a B-Girl was. The designer who lost on the show did so because she didn't really know what a B-Girl was. Her excuse was that she was from Indiana. Me? I guess the last time I was hip with fashion was during the 80s, and that was pre-hip hop.

I looked on Google and found out there are at least three types of B-girls....

1) gals of the Scream Queen era (think B movies)
2) a woman employed by a bar to act as a companion to men customers
3) a girl devoted to hip hop culture, more specifically, bboying/break-dancing.

The Fashion Show was focusing on #3. I have a preference for #1. I think I'm drawn to the danger angle. Ahhh... different strokes for different folks.


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