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Spooky Woods

This week's Most Haunted (Pembrey Woods) featured a haunted woods and beach. Part of the vigil involved hanging out in tents while listening for paranormal activity. Here is a question... is it possible to be in the woods, already be spooked, and not hear strange sounds in the forest? On top of that, they were near the ocean, and it makes all kinds of sounds. Shoot, many years ago I lived in the relative country and had the honor/horror of listening to a bobcat howl while walking in the woods. It sounded very much like a woman screaming. When I camp I assume an optimistic assumption that I will be safe while tucked away in my tent. Strange, I assume that when I visit abandoned places (during the day!!!) also.

Now, with all that said, I have visited a wooded area during daylight hours that had a super creepy feeling, and I very much believe there was a presence in those woods above and beyond the normal wildlife. The impression was that death had visited the glade and some imprint of it remained. I get shivers now when I think about it.


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