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Joys of Programming

Today I had to do some emergency debug on an application that is undergoing validation. An ancillary report was found by to be acting strange. A debug of the application showed that the report worked good for 90% of stuff thrown at it, but it bit it when the other 10% happened. I got to employ an aspect of programming - creativity under fire. I couldn't change the data structures or modify any of the data. Instead I figured out how A was connected to B and put an additional calculation in that bridged the gap.

I am finding that programming has several creative aspects. One I already mentioned, that of being creative under fire. This is also know as debugging. The more fun aspect of programming creativity is creation. Something is made from nothing, or at the least, simple building blocks that become something much more complicated and elegant. The end result can look like a house of cards, and further manipulation can require the same skill as changing a card castle, with an intricate beauty being the desired vision.

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