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I watched eleven episodes of "Desert Punk" today while moving things around in the basement. The wikipedia description of the FUNimation series follows:
After an implied nuclear catastrophe, like many other countries, Japan has been reduced to a desert and the surviving humans seek out a meager living in the hot sands. Desert Punk focuses on the adventures of a desert handyman called Kanta Mizuno, nicknamed Desert Punk (Sunabōzu), due to his seemingly incredible feats of skill and daring while on the job. Throughout the series, he acquires an apprentice and makes a few friends as well as enemies.
Episode 11 has the description, "Desert Punk tries to make Junko his wife and have his children". Yeah, right. It was more like, "Desert Punk acts like a total perv and tries to rape Junko after imprisoning her". I have to say I was really creeped out. The rub is that the anime is "lighter" than the original manga books. Again from Wikipedia, "(manga has a) more realistic look and far more common use of black comedy as opposed to quirky and sexual humor'. I am frightened to think what the print was like.

I must be an overly sensitive guy because I have a tough time relating to the "pervo forced sex that is not REALLY rape". To be truthful, I don't really understand the rape thing at all in the physical, financial or psychological varieties. I am told it is typically about power. Sometimes it is about a sickness or inability to relate in a normal way. I suppose it is the power thing I don't fully understand. To take glee from dominating somebody and then be able to live with it does not compute to my senses. I see plays like this all over, even in situations when the "morel" people think they have the higher ground. Anyway, I just don't see how they, those who rape others for the sake of power, can live with themselves.

I can better relate, in a tangential way, to those who rape (in all its forms) because of illness. As someone who suffers from a numbing depression, I cannot say that I "choose" to have suicidal thoughts or "choose" to believe what I do about myself. While I can say that I don't affect others, if the ultimate end of my depression happens, many people could be impacted.

Is there an illness at the root of all rapes? Is disconnection from others, seeing them as an object, an illness? I don't know. I just can't see that achieving power through rape, and then living with it, can be achieved without a sickness.

So back to Desert Punk. Junko was lustful and that was supposed to be his motivation for imprisoning Junko so she could "(be) his wife and have his children". There was also a theme about Desert Punk desiring a prodigy, but in a speech to Junko he said that he just wanted a prodigy, but didn't want to have anything to do with him/her. Being lustful is fine. We seemed to be biologically wired for it. BUT, the turning of lust to physical manipulation/coercion seems wrong. I hope this will be the last time that the anime series goes here because I would like to watch the rest of the episodes with a steady stomach.

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