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Biomedical Screening Devices

I received the abstract request catalog from the SPIE, Defense and Security + Sensing conference. The requested papers are incredibly high-tech. Upon closer reading the seemingly innocent group was called "Independent Component Analyses, Wavelets, Neural Networks, Biosystems, and Nanoengineering VIII". Below is part of the description. I read it to Wulfwalker and she said "heck no". I know this is wordy, but can you spot the scary part(s)?
78 million aging baby boomers will cost 1/4 GDP in next decades. Federal Reserve Chair Banaker said that unless we change the health care entitlement Independent Component Analyses, Wavelets, Neural Networks, Biosystems, and Nanoengineering VII (DS224) system, the US economy will be unsustainable. We wish to mobilize the community to build a high-tech safe net by translating military persistent surveillance technology to noninvasive, affordable, and accumulative-effective wellness systems at our home fronts. We can reduce the health car waste by maintaining wellness; enjoy a better quality of life for productive second career a la motto: "a stitch in time saves nine". High-tech methods include noninvasive persistent surveillance, implemented by affordable nanoengineering, molecular-tagging imaging and biomedical screening devices and its authentication, privacy and security protection of NGI/IP-32 will be interfaced with bio-RFID for near-field communication and private tags of an aging population.
If this really speaks to you, please have your abstract submitted by 9/21/09! Welcome to the world of the future...

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