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An Interesting Dream Symbol

This morning I slept really late. My last dreamed featured an interesting dream symbol. I was in the middle of a dream about a test/examination in which I had to show something I created. My selection was a set of pictures, but before I could go forward I had to remember where I had put my presentation. I believed it was somewhere at home, but this house was one of the past (Phenix City) and I lived there with my family.

I began my search in a large closet. I had to move a small mountain of laundry/clothes out of the way of a door. Within the next room I had to move stuff out of the way so I could make my way down the small corridor. Once past the stuff, I found myself in an open room. It appeared that the entire area had been cleared at one point, but debris/stuff had been piled up in the closet and corridor. In cleared space I found a fish tank. Amazingly the fish were still alive. I pondered this as I thought about how long it had been since people had come back here. The next room seemed to have a giant fish tank in the middle of the room. In fact, it somehow seemed to take up the entire room. In dream like fashion, I moved into the giant fish tank to look at the occupants. There I found some fish food. I sprinkled some in the big fish tank and then moved out to the other room. There I sprinkled food into the smaller fish tank. Things were better in the world.

Fish don't often show up in my dreams. I was completely not expecting fish tanks in that little storage room. Though they don't appear often, most of the fish tanks I find in my dreams are large and fancy with exotic fish. Water speaks of emotions. I am especially hopeful that the fish were still alive. This speaks to things I am tucking away being viable. Cool... I have so much in storage now. It would be nice for them to still be alive.


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