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Parents, Children and Crime

I listen to a lot of "book on tape" during my 70 miles per a day drive. I've found a interesting archetype of courtroom drama book. This is the one in which the client is guilty and must be defended against a backdrop of damning evidence. The "twist" is that the client is keeping a secret from their lawyer(s), but yet the day is saved in the end. The author then reveals the client's secret and the reader is amazed, or maybe that is just the plan. Anyway, I listened to the tape of this type plot and came away a little disturbed.

The story involved a mother charged with murder of to-be divorced husband's new wife. The mother is innocent, but she is found with damaging evidence. The lawyers struggle through the drama and in the end it turns out that a hit man was really the killer... or was he? The "twist" of the story was that the son of the mother was the father of the husband's new wife. He (the son) went to the new wife's house to commit suicide in front of her. Stuff happened (struggle or such) and the new wife ended up dead. The mother then framed herself to keep her son from being accused. Ok... my head was spinning with that one.

My question becomes this... is it reasonable for a mother to sacrifice her life because her son was going to kill himself but instead killed his father's new wife, the mother of his unborn child? I was also shaking my head because people were dying left and right from the hit man and that might have been avoided if the mother had not done what she did. She was overjoyed to be freed in the in the end, but seemed to have no sorrow for the events she set in motion.

The same question asked again... to what lengths are parents supposed to go to? Are they supposed to protect killers and other forms of criminals? In real life, does their shielding of dangerous people from the authorities give them brownie points in heaven even as they allow their offspring to propagate evil upon society? I realize that prison is not a nice place. No parent would want to send their child there, but how often should the thickness of blood overcome the thinness of water?

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