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Deserving Punishment

I was telling my lovely mate Wulfwalker about my thoughts on parents protecting their children from justice. I shared that I didn't see the "twist" at the end of the courtroom story because the guilty son did not act guilty. Background... the mom was taking the rap of murder and she was on trial. The young man had gone over to his father's house to commit suicide because his stepmother was the future mother of the son's child. Got that? The suicide had not worked, and somehow during the "struggle" his stepmother was killed. Got that? It was all very confusing.

So, I was telling Wulfwalker that I didn't see this coming because the son was popping in and out of the lawyer's house as if he was just a component of a custody battle instead of a person guilty of murder. The son's sister was out of town, and if anybody looked guilty of something, it was her. Wulfwalker picked up on this quick. She said that the son's behavior was indicative of somebody who was used to being saved by his mom. It was not the first time that the son had screwed up and mom had come to the rescue. Wulfwalker said that at this point the son needed to face the music, if only to learn contrition for his acts. The son's flippant behavior in the face of what he had done spoke to his natal personality, one that could and would do worse in the future. I agree!

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