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(Fill in the Blank) Standard Time

I have a few 'perfectionist' streaks. One is about starting something on time, and because of this I expect a meeting to start when it is scheduled. This is the norm at my company location, but this does not seem to be true at the corporate headquarters. There a meeting time of 9:00 really means 9:15 as people meander in as they want. Ack!

The title of this blog comes from the sayings "pagan standard time" and "Indian standard time". These are "funny" ways of saying that an event never REALLY starts when it is scheduled. Time becomes akin to the country mile. It is called a mile, but who knows how far down the road the destination really is? Ditto on the standard time thing. I've lost count of how many rituals were supposed to start at "sundown" and instead began closer to midnight than the hour of sunset.

While I may be harboring a degree of perfectionist unrealism, I find the behavior of grossly deviating from a stated schedule to be unprofessional and disrespectful. In the case of work, the majority of offenders at the corporate location are mid to upper band professionals/executives. Yeah, they are busy, but so is everyone invited to the meetings. Being where you said you would be, when you said you would be there, is a mark of the work ethic held by a person. Leadership is best accomplished by example.

I find the "(fill in your spiritual path) standard time" to be even more disturbing. First, the deviations from schedule are measured in hours instead of quarters of an hour. The events derailed are often spiritual in nature, with the intent of worship/honoring the deities both in and outside of ourselves. The need to postpone a stated starting time disrespects multiple aspects of the spiritual. Sometimes a starting time has a symbolic meaning, such as starting a ritual at sunset... let's say 6:30 PM (for example!). What is being "said" to the spiritual world when the ritual instead starts at 8:30 PM? Come on guys. And then there is the "hurry up and wait" factor. We honor those who organize and conduct the rituals/events, but there should be a reciprocal respect for our time as well.

$.02 in the perfectionist jar... from somebody who gets to meetings early most of the time.

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