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Also About Being on Time

Some clarification points... I don't wear a watch and have not for the past twenty years. I watched "time-shifted" entertainment on my Tivo, so I am not tied to being in front of the tube at time X to watch show Y. Deep down I am not a time tyrant.

I acknowledge that there are times when time is not measured (Pow-wows, Gatherings) and this is a blessing. It is nice to get away for the weekend/week and just be with people who share a common interest. In my mind this makes those events that are scheduled that much more important and deserving of respect for those who attend. I am also scarred from past experience. I very much remember a public ritual that was supposed to start at sundown. Did it? No. Instead we found ourselves at the top of a wind swept hill, in close to freezing temperatures, at nearly midnight. The time and temperature made it very difficult (for me) to be observant of the purpose of the ritual. Should it have been canceled because thing X or Y happened, postponing the starting time? Perhaps not, but to push through the event in those conditions was perhaps the best choice. Walk the talk. Do your thing when you say you will or be flexible in respect for others.

(here's hoping I can look in my own mirror!)

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