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Seeing a Different House

This weekend I had an interesting seeing experience. I went by a friend's house to visit and did not see the house the first time I drove by. I had to double back and look at some landmarks to determine if I had found the right house. Though I was 90% sure I was in the right place, I still had some doubt if I was in the right place, even though I had been there multiple times during the day and night in the past. What was different? The house looked faded. I was seeing the old(er) fiber shingles for the first time it seemed.

I asked my lovely mate Wulfwalker if this had happened to her before. She said that it had happened twice. One time there was a situation in which domestic tensions were high and in the second instance took place after a funeral. In both situations the buildings had "shifted" in appearance, and the shift was tied to the emotional conditions present.

My mate wondered if I had seen my friend's house on some ephemeral level. Perhaps. I could only share that I had the impression that my seeing was on the physical level. My mate shared that I see more than I think. Perhaps.


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