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The Beings in the Shaman's World

Below is an outline of a lecture I did several years ago. I believe I got about 3/4 of the way through the outline in about two hours. It would take a full day to properly cover the material. Some sections could take up a day all by themselves. Anyway, I submit this to the blog for people to glean information. Comments/questions are welcome.


1.0             Introduction

1.1             The Shaman and The Child

1.1.1       The World is Alive

1.1.2       The World is Capable of Responding to Wishes

1.1.3       The World has Good Things we can talk to

1.1.4       The World has Bad Things we want to avoid

1.1.5       Children’s entertainment teaches us these things, and we forget them                        PeeWee Herman (Chairee)

2.0             Who is a Shaman?

2.1             A man or woman who sees into the sacred world

2.1.1       Goes into the world of spirits and can act there

2.1.2       Manifests reality in the outer world from the visions of the spirit world

2.1.3       “The shaman is the specialist of the soul” – Mircea Eliade

2.1.4       The role of the spirit world is none and how it affects the affairs of men. 

2.1.5       Healer, manipulator of sacred rights, prognosticator of the hunt and the harvest, intercessor of lost souls – in general a specialist in bridging the mundane and the sacred worlds for his people.

2.1.6       Shares animal consciousness to transcend time and space

3.0             The World is Alive

3.1             The World is levels of vibration

3.1.1       Good, bad and ugly

3.2             There is a harmonious existence for all things

3.2.1       Ice – Fire

3.2.2       Plants – Winter

3.3             Not all things are compatible

3.4             Perception of vibration defines the limits of the world

3.4.1       We attempt to impose our ways on other realms                        Structure of Myth

3.5             Power is derived from tapping into the vibrations – animal, plant, mineral, and spirit

3.6             We are not superior to the World 

3.7             We are citizens in it with all other things

3.8             We are not special, they are not special.  All are tribes

4.0             The Shaman’s Helpers

4.1             Names

4.1.1       Allies

4.1.2       Power Animals

4.1.3       Guides

4.1.4       Guardian Spirits

4.2             Types of Beings

4.2.1       Animal Spirits                        Archetypes Animal Spirits                        Guardian Spirits – The Difference

4.2.2       Plant Spirits  - Can Communicate Healing Methods

4.2.3       Rock Spirits – Masters of Vibration

4.2.4       Elementals (Fire, Water, Air, Earth)

4.2.5       Ancestors (previously human)

4.2.6       Land / Area

4.2.7       Divine

4.2.8       Astral

4.2.9       Alien

4.3             Hierarchy of Beings

4.3.1       Individual Beings

4.3.2       Collective Being

4.3.3       Chief / Grandfather being

4.4             Calling Helpers

4.4.1       Journeying (meditative w/ drumming)

4.4.2       Stalking

4.4.3       Dancing

4.4.4       Vision Quests

4.4.5       Visiting Sacred Sites (a vibrational gathering place)

4.5             Using Helpers

4.5.1       Shaman takes on their abilities

4.5.2       Shaman takes on their characteristics

4.5.3       Multiple helpers are not uncommon

4.5.4       Helpers are:                        Guides                        Counselors                        Companions

4.6             Coming and Goings

4.6.1       Helpers can come and go as needed

5.0             Rock Being Exercise

5.1             Talk about bag being community of beings           

5.2             Spread them out, pick elder being

5.3             Back in bag

5.4             Have everyone pick one

5.5             Talk to the beings

5.5.1       Ask source

5.5.2       Ask vibration

5.5.3       Ask job

5.6             Reveal what they’ve learned

5.7             Decide if they want to go home with you or stay together

6.0             Discordant Spirits

6.1             They Do Exist! – Like Germs (waiting for opportunity)

6.2             Names

6.2.1       Low-self entity

6.2.2       Discordant entity

6.2.3       Chaotic Entity

6.3             Characteristics

6.3.1       Have lost contact with middle selves

6.3.2       Can steal energy to move things

6.3.3       Must “eat” on the living to be strong and feed desires

6.4             Guidelines

6.4.1       Spirits must be invited into a person’s private space or meet person who’s aura emanates negativity

6.4.2       Low-self entities seek to continue to enjoy the experiences of the physical, and will do so through the shells of the living

6.4.3       Humans are exploitable to Spirit invasion when they are exploiting one another sexually or when they abuse drugs or alcohol, and the normal boundaries of control are removed.

6.4.4       Selfish motivations in the name of the spiritual (meditation, spirit contact) can open a person to be affected by discordant spirits.

6.4.5       Always use a Circle of Protection when engaging in spiritual exercises and technique.

6.4.6       When contacting a spirit helper, remember that the realm of lower, chaotic energies is closer to our own than those realms that are most harmonious.

6.4.7       Prepare for contact with helpers by filling yourself with unconditional love.

6.4.8       A lower spirit, masquerading as a higher one, will give you feelings of doubt and unease.  LISTEN.  If this happens, utter prayers and blessings of love at once.

6.4.9       SO, in order to not have contact with low-self entities, practice equal and unconditional love for all creatures / beings.  Keep your purpose on the highest level of vibration.

6.4.10  Understand that evil and negativity is an imbalance, a chaotic, ignorant, mindless energy or vibration.  It is a destructive energy, the opposite of growth and productivity.

6.4.11  Never forget that all that exists vibrates at its own particular frequency, at its own energy level. 

7.0             Closing

7.1             Healing Circle

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