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The Faces of Pinto, Now Known as Isis!

From the owner...
Just wanted to update you on Icys' progress. She is very very loving and likes to think that she is the boss sometimes. She loves the brushing and combing we have to do almost every day. Icy lives full time outside she likes to come in and chase the cats sometime but prefers to be outside. She does not bark but developed this horrible sound by trying to emulate my boxer mix. Makes you want to cover your ears but it makes me laugh too. Thank goodness she seldom does it. Oh, and she loves water her pool, ice coolers, buckets, mud puddles, etc. But belly rubs are the very best thing in the world to her. She smiles when you give her one.
Baby Isis and Her Brother

Young Isis

Grown Up Isis

Grown Up Isis and Buddy

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