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I am reading the book "Do You Need a Guru?: Understanding the Student--Teacher Relationship in an Era of False Prophets" by Mariana Caplan. The thesis of the book is that an Eastern style Guru relationship between student and teacher is a rewarding path. The author tackles some underlying topics first. I want to share one of the concepts presented early in the book.

Mariana refers to Ken Wilber's model of spiritual translation versus spiritual transformation. She says that translation refers to a horizontal process in which the contents of ego or personality are progressively uncovered, understood, and worked in order to create a greater sense of well-being within the individual, and hopefully a greater workability within their lives. Transformation is a vertical process in which the nature of the ego is understood and undermined, and the individual shifts from an egoic identity to a universal identity. Mariana then quotes Wiber as saying the translation gives the self (or subject) a new way to think and radical transformation does not legitimate the world, it breaks the world; it does not console the world, it shatters it.

Wow. Most people would settle for a bit of translation to ease the pain in their lives. I don't know if I am REALLY ready for transformation. It feels like I've been through several years of transformation, but know there are lots of reasons/room for more. Mariana ends this section of the book by commenting that a relationship between student and teacher would include translational and transformative elements, but the transformative is an essential component to achieve the highest human possibility.

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