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Capturing the Passing Moment

One of the things I am learning from photography is the magic inherent in a single passing moment. The nature of photography is that it captures a single instance of that one always moving moment. This sample of life is preserved as the stream of time moves along, the moment of of lives progressing to new opportunities. This magic becomes apparent while capturing sunsets or the maturing of puppies into their adult selves. These pieces of the moments cannot be revisited in person. Instead we are challenged to capture and preserve if we have the means. These memories are imperfect, but they offer us an echo of what was as we embrace the true magic of the moment, now. In the now we have so many opportunities. The true magic reveals itself. The "what" present in a photographic moment is only a staid capturing of life. The true magic is in the ardent embrace of the moment as it is now and shall always be.


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