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Being away for a week at a (relatively) pristine condo for a week inspired me to do some late spring cleaning at my house. I moved the bed around in the bedroom to make space for two shelves in the room, cleaned out the closet, cleaned the floors, and more. Well, there is much more to do, but one has to start somewhere!

Flickr picture sets from the beach vacation...

Cloudy Day - 09/19/09
Dolphins, Boat, Birds and Sunset - 09/21/09
Visit to Fort Sumter, SC - 09/22/2009
Visit to Patriots Point - 09/23/2009
A Trip Across Charleston Harbor, and a bit of Downtown - 09/22/2009
Visit to the South Carolina Aquarium - 09/24/2009
HNLMS Tromp (F803)

There is one more "miscellaneous beach pics" set coming and I got some good pictures of the wolf-dog puppies today.

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