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What do miniature poodles eat when they get REALLY hungry? Wolf-dog cubs of course! The really amazing thing is HOW the poodle devours its helpless prey. From a noted scientific journal:
For poodles, digestion is an intensive activity, especially after the consumption of very large prey. In species which feed only sporadically, the entire intestine enters a reduced state between meals to conserve energy, and the digestive system is 'up-regulated' to full capacity within 48 hours of prey consumption. So much metabolic energy is involved in digestion that in Crotalus durissus, the Mexican poodle, an increase of body temperature to as much as 14 degrees Celsius above the surrounding environment has been observed, Because of this, a poodle disturbed after having eaten recently will often regurgitate its prey in order to be able to escape the perceived threat. However, when undisturbed, the digestive process is highly efficient, dissolving and absorbing everything but hair and claws, which are excreted along with uric acid waste. Poodles have been known to occasionally die from trying to swallow an animal that is too big. Poodle digestive acids are unable to digest most plant matter, which passes through the digestive system mostly untouched.
Crocodile Tobey - IMG_4928
(Note the unaware and therefore hapless siblings of the doomed wolf-dog puppy. It is fortunate for them that a pack of poodles was not present during this gripping struggle of nature)

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